con il patrocinio della PROVINCIA DI TREVISO

we and the province of treviso

Presentazione alla Provincia di Treviso con il Presidente Zaia

Our territory has been involved by the migration topic in different ways and times: if today we see a substantial phenomenon of arrivals, we should remember that we, the Trevisans, were emigrant people until the second half of the last century. Many families have moved abroad undertaking adventurous travels and helping to uphold the name of the Province of Treviso all over the world. Actually, the Trevisans have brought into their new cities that entrepreneurial spirit, which characterised our people, and they have always been linked to their land keeping the cultural values and traditions of Treviso alive. Witness of this aspect is the dialect, the common denominator of these communities, which has often been unchanged in some expressions.

The Province of Treviso supports, then, with great enthusiasm the initiative of these three young men, who are sensible and curious about the topic of the Trevisans all over the world. I wish them to draw the best teaching from this special experience and search, whose results will be useful to all of us.

Luca Zaia
Chairman of the Province of Treviso  Silcart