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who we are

Spagna 2003: Gerona

Three not long graduate ex-students have discovered to have a passion in common: that of visiting new places, meeting different people and sharing new traditions thanks to a direct and true experience as that of a journey. In the past, we already had the good fortune to live a few experiences abroad (even if not together), which let us get deeply in touch with people from different countries. Probably now these contacts with friends will be useful. As we are aware that just a year is not enough to see the whole world (even if we are sure that also the entire life will not be enough!), we have selected some destinations, which are particularly meaningful for us.

It is about ten months that we put forward this project and in the meanwhile, we have faced many difficulties for planning this journey. We would like to specify that this is an independently thought and organized experience, which will make us do the whole world tour along his maximum circumference: the equator. This will last for a whole year.  Silcart